• Ergonomics

    Ergonomics is the adaptation of work to humans. The aim is to create the best possible working conditions in order to minimize the risk of damage to health and stress.

Seating positions with individual and basic needs

Office workers spend about 80,000 hours of their lives in a seated position. Some health problems have their origin therefore not in over-, but in under and uneqal loads. Therefore, the most common types of disease are muscle and skeletal disorders.

Schmerzfreies Sitzen mit Mayer-Sitzmöbel

Specialist Mayer:

At Mayer, we made it our business to offer the best seating furniture for our customers for every moment of sitting.

Whether in the domestic kitchen, in the children's and dining room, in the office or in the doctor's office. We follow the latest developments and researches in the area of ergonomics in detail and integrate these findings into new products.


Proper sitting at work

The most common causes of back pain are incorrectly furnished workplaces and lack of exercise during seated activity. Rigid sitting with a one-sided strain of the muscles is unhealthy for the body, while frequent movement of the body is conducive to health.

Ergonomic sitting means dynamic sitting!

  • Frequent changing of the sitting position relieves the spine, relaxes the back muscles and promotes the metabolism
  • Arms and legs should be at right angles
  • Adjust the seat height correctly
  • Use the chair completely
  • Sit upright and use the backrest
  • Sit dynamically - move

Dynamic sitting is the permanent change of the seating position from the middle active to the front or rear sitting. A good office chair must support dynamic sitting and prevent health impairment / damage.

MAYER-Sitzmöbel want to:

  • optimize the working conditions of mainly seated persons
  • offer a suitable product for every application
  • support dynamic sitting with the help of our products
  • make a long, healthy and back pain-free life possible